Welcome To Seal Beach

Small town California feel. Big time destination.

Surf's Up

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned surfer, Seal Beach is a surfer’s delight.

A Shopper's Paradise

Seal Beach has a diversity of retail experiences, from quaint boutiques to Target and Pavillion’s.

Supporting Our Military

As home to the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Seal Beach proudly partners with our military.

Life Can Be Wild

Business and nature peacefully coexist in Seal Beach.

We're A Leader Among Piers

Seal Beach boasts one of the longest coastal piers in California.


·       BEST – EARLY FORD TO ‘4, sponsored by Essential Business Solutions-Jim Better is a 1939 Ford Coupe Deluxe owned by George Garrett                

·       BEST – FORD ’42 – ’60, sponsored by Bogart’s Coffee House – JoAnn Adams is a 1963 Ford F100 owned by Chris Cartwright       

·       BEST – FORD ’61 – ’79, sponsored by John Hart Real Estate – Esteban Arteaga is a 1972 Ford Ranchero owned by Mike Musky    

·       BEST – MUSTANG ’64 – ’66, sponsored by Harmonizing Humanity is a 1965 Ford Mustang owned by Paul Montesano

·       BEST – MUSTANG ’67 – ’79, sponsored by John Hart Real Estate – Roxana Arteaga is a 1969 Mustang Fastback owned by Mr. HoldCroft   

·       BEST – T-BIRD ’55 – ’57, sponsored by Breakthrough SEO Marketing, Nelinia Varenas is a 1956 Mustang  owned by James & Jon Dauro   

·       BEST – T-BIRD ’58 – ’79, sponsored by Marketsnag – Deb Machen is a 1964 Ford Thunderbird owned by Marvin Grimm               

·       BEST – EARLY CHEVY ’41, sponsored by Javatini’s is a 1933 Chevy Coupe owned by Bob Nichols               

·       BEST – CHEVY ’46 – ’60, sponsored by Recharge at Electric is a 1957 Red Chevy Hardtop owned by Len Yorkes           

·       BEST – CHEVY ’61 – ’79, sponsored by Master 21 Realty is a 1969 Blue Chevy Camaro owned by Monte Greenspan     

·       BEST – CORVETTE ’53 – ’62 , sponsored by Flipside Boutique – Dave Antrim is a 1954 Corvette owned by Jack Strong

·       BEST – CORVETTE ’63 – ’79 , sponsored by Wild Native – EJ Liston is a 1967 Corvette Coupe owned by Harry Lekites

·       BEST – CONVERTIBLE  ’41 – ’79, sponsored by American Beachside Brokers  is a 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible owned by Monte Greenspan       

·       BEST – MOPAR, sponsored by Neds House of Products is a 1969 Blue Barracuda owned by Angel Garido     

·       BEST – CLASSIC TRUCK ’28 – ’54, sponsored by Keller Williams – Deborah Bell is a 1934 Dark Green Ford owned by Dean Toso              

·       BEST – LATE TRUCK ’55 – ’79, sponsored by Ferguson Realty – Nat Ferguson is a 1972 Chevy C-10 Pickup owned by Brian Almas             

·       BEST – VOLKSWAGEN, sponsored by Keller Wiliams Deborah Bell is a Red Volkswagen Micro Bus owned by James Bell        

·       BEST – VOLKSWAGEN MODIFIED, sponsored by Shift Computer Services is a 1936 Convertible Volkswagen Bug owned by John and Jill Veltri   

·       BEST – PORSCHE, sponsored by Life Tree Prosperity – Scott Harrell is a 1956 Porsche 356 owned by Chris Mewes     

·       BEST – EUROPEAN, sponsored by Life Tree Prosperity – Scott Harrell is a 1970 MGB owned by Amanda Walker        

·       BEST – SPECIAL INTEREST, sponsored by Gangitano Law is a 1963 Fiat Jolly owned by Curt Chivers         

·       BEST – ANTIQUE, sponsored by Gangitano Law is a 1923 Ford T Flatbed Pickup owned by Dan Milton        

·       BEST – CUSTOM, sponsored by Bruster’s – Justin and Petra Miller is a 1965 Buick Riviera owned by Bill Price              

·       BEST – MUSCLE CAR, sponsored by Watersafe Swim School is a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda owned by Ray Algiehe    

·       BEST – CRUISER, sponsored by Encore Awards is a 1958 Mercury Commuter Wagon owned by Kathy Recupid           

·       BEST – STREET ROD, sponsored by Javatinis is a 1933 Chevy Coupe owned by Bob Nichols          

·       BEST – WOODY, sponsored by Westmont of Cypress – Christine Bird is a 1948 Mercury Woody owned by Mr. Marron                

·       MAYOR’S PICK, sponsored by SBPAC – Esther Kenyon is a Red Volkswagen Micro Bus owned by James Bell              

·       POLICE OFFICER’S PICK, sponsored by American Beachside Brokers is a 1957 Ford owned by Rick Crawford            

·       FIREFIGHTER’S PICK, sponsored by American Beachside Brokers is a 1957 Chevy Belaire owned by Steve Holiday   

·       FERGUSON REALTY PICK, sponsored by Ferguson Realty – Nat Ferguson is a 1956 Porsche 356 owned by Chris Mewiths        

·       G & M OIL COMPANY PICK        G & M Oil Company    1970 Formula Firebird    M Cruz    

·       OPGI PICK, sponsored by OPGI is a 1963 Pontiac Ventura owned by Tom Williamson    

·       SUN NEWSPAPER PICK, sponsored by Sun Newspaper is a 1960 Ford Thunderbird owned by Jim Klisanin

·       MOTHERS MARKET PICK, sponsored by Mothers Market is a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge owned by Kip Kula                

·       BOEING PICK, sponsored by Boeing is a 1969 Chevy Camaro owned by Nevill Ooms     

·       SEAL BEACH BEST OF SHOW, sponsored by Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce is a 1972 Chevy C-10 Pickup owned by Brian Almas    

Grow Your Business

The Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce provides a healthy environment to sustain, promote and grow businesses,
civic and community organizations in the area, while providing opportunity to enhance the quality of life of the
greater Seal Beach community through local events.

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