band submission for future concerts

2023 Bands have been selected, but 2024 band selection will begin soon.

Please forward your interest to the Seal Beach Chamber office at

The selection committee tries to get a mix of sound and all genres are encouraged to apply.  With your interest, please include your website, youtube or demo videos, the genre or music you/your band represents and any upcoming shows that the selection committee could see you at.  


band information & audience demographic

We are very excited to have you perform at our summer concerts. 

Concert begins at 6:00pm. There will be a 15 min break at approximately 7:00pm in which we will pull raffle ticket winners and give our band sponsors an opportunity to discuss their businesses. Concert ends at 8:00pm

You/your band was chosen out of literally several hundred submissions. Our concerts typically get 1200-1500 attendees, however we have had as little at 800 and as many as 4000. The venue is outside at Eisenhower  Park in Seal Beach which is a grass area at the base of the pier. Your backdrop will literally be the Pacific   Ocean and the Seal Beach Pier.

Your audience will include people of all ages.  We have many families who love music and bring their kids as well as quite a few music lovers from Leisure World. We ask that you “keep it clean” with those patrons in mind. The majority of your audience are 30-60 music lovers.   Our audience will want to dance and enjoy your music and we find that as the concert progresses the dancing begins. We find that the bands that have had the most success got the crowd involved early playing popular songs that the crowd could get into.

We want to support you and your band. Our goal is to offer you exposure to showcase you/your band so that you can use our Summer Concerts as a springboard for other gigs. To that end you/your band will be featured in the Fun in the Sun Edition of the Seal Beach Sun. If you provide us your upcoming gigs we will gladly post them on our social media sites. We find our audience to be  a very loyal bunch and it has in fact followed bands to the subsequent shows and hired them for corporate events. We are happy and proud to partner with you in that respect.

Please feel free to contact chair, Daren DeLeon or the Seal Beach Chamber with any questions

Contact information:

 Seal Beach Summer Concert Chair Daren DeLeon

Phone (562) 244-2577 | Email


Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce Administrator, McKenze Treasure

Phone (562) 799-0979 | Email

stage sizing & public facilities:

We provide a stage 12’x16’’ (6 stage panels 4×8 with 2 2-step riser stairs). Stage lighting is not provided as it is generally still day light during the performance times.  Expect the end of your sets to be at sunset, which provides a breathtaking background.  You/your band may bring your own lights.  Please contact us is you/your band requires something additional.

 Facilities are limited to typical pier/park accommodations. There is a public rest room about 100 feet away and restaurants and store across the street. 

professional sound provided by Chris comstock 


Sound Check is at 4:00pm.  If you/your band is not ready, the show will have to promptly on time, with or without a sound check.  Chris Comstock and his team have been providing sound for the Seal Beach Summer Concerts for many years.  Chris is a graduate of sound engineering from DePaul University in Chicago.  He understands the challenges of mixing in a beach side environment. 

 Comstock Productions WILL make you/your band sound great.  Our sound guy takes pride in his mixing, and can mix any genre on the spot, he appreciates hearing what you, the musician, like for a general house mix of your band’s sound. Don’t be afraid to tell him a vibe or general notes (“this should feel like a warm back massage” or “we like the vocals and acoustic very high in the mix” or “we like keeping all vocal mics at about the same level for blended harmonies” or “add lots of reverb on the lead vocals, but keep the fiddle dry”). He’ll appreciate knowing what you like and will cater to that. You will be much more successful if your treat him with respect. He knows music terms – don’t be afraid to use them. We do ask that you Don’t Start Playing Until He’s Ready.  Set up all of your gear but don’t start wailing on the guitar or the drums until all the mics are in place and he’s back by the board. Get there early enough for sound check so you have plenty of time to feel the stage and outside venue sound out.

Complete  Stage Plot and Input List

If you need more than 5 inputs, print out an accurate, up to date list of all inputs (channels). We would like these back as soon as possible, so that he can have everything setup before you arrive   For Example:

Channel 1 – Kick Drum mic

Channel 2 – Snare Drum mic

Channel 3 – Hi Hat mic

Channel 4 – Tom 1 mic 

Channel 5 – Tom 2 mic

Channel 6 – Drums Overhead mic Channel 7 – Bass Amp DI (up stage right)

Channel 8 – Guitar Amp mic (up stage left) Channel 9 – Fiddle DI (stage right)  Channel 10 – Acoustic DI (center)

Channel 11 – Keyboard DI (stereo-L) DI (stage left) Channel 12 – Keyboard DI (stereo-R)DI (stage left) Channel 13 – (lead) Vocal mic (center)

Channel 14 – Vocal mic (stage left) Channel 15 – Vocal mic (stage right) Channel 16 – Tracks DI

Contact information:

Chris Comstock, Comstock Productions, owner

Phone (562) 234-3352 | Email



We also encourage to bring any and all merchandise you would like to sell. One of the elements of our summer concerts is the Seal Beach Chamber Ambassadors selling raffle tickets to support the concert series. You may want to consider providing a tee shirt for them to wear as they walk around or one we can raffle off. This is completely your choice, but another way to expand your exposure.  Please let us know if you need a space set aside for selling merch.  tables and chairs are not typically provided.

Load-in Info & parking

You/Your band will be issued no more than 5 curbside parking passes for effective load in and load out.  If you require a couple more please contact the concert chair for additional beach lot passes.  Tickets are issued to non-parking pass holders, so it is important to keep visible on the your dashboard at all times.  No parking will be allowed on the pier.

Required paperwork

 You/Your band was emailed a contact, and a W-9.  In order to get paid, you MUST submit the required paperwork.   Stage Plots and Inputs Lists are critical to an effective sound check and should be submitted AT LEAST 1 week prior to your performance. 

Contracts are unique to the band please contact the chair or chamber office for a copy, but here is a link to the W-9  form for your convenience.